A Nonet of Heroic Couplets from a Disheartened Convert

I call thee, Lord: make haste and harden steel,
To help the cause I frame in this appeal.
For trampled do I find my soul, and tossed,
Surrounded, threatened, faltering and lost.
My enemies do hold me in their sight;
Inspire me now to blind them with Your light.

My God, let me proclaim—and truth impart—
That none may hostage hold Your Sacred Heart.
For though they close the door and turn the lock,
Resistance shan’t restrain Your grateful flock.
For none that stand between us can be true
Since, facing me, they’re turned away from You.

Of what, then, need I fear or fain despair,
If I but call Your name in rev’rent prayer?
Your breath, a mighty force, all binds relieves;
Your bride, when she is true, all kinds receives.
And knowing this, through Faith, I rise once more
to throw myself against your Church’s door.

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