I blame Lacan

I’m waaay behind on planned posts here but I don’t even have time right now for anything too in depth, so this will just be a little update.

Still no declaration from the Tribunal but I’ve finally started RCIA. While the small group is very engaged and devout, and the priest running the sessions is effective both intellectually and spiritually, it’s a little sad that I’ll be going through the initiations at a neighboring parish instead of with my local community. Still, I guess it’s better to have a formation experience that isn’t weighed down by any interpersonal drama — and Mrs. and I have made some very pleasant and interesting new friends as a result.
Keeping me from posting (and giving me too much of an excuse for not maintaining the schedule I’d been establishing) has been a surge in my work world. One of the biggest issues was having to go through a unit on Lacan with one of my classes. Every time I teach him, it takes about a week or so to get the outlook loaded into my brain…and then another two or three to dump it back out. That’s not to say that I don’t find Lacan useful at times, I just can’t keep the whole schema loaded and ready to go — he’s a memory hog (which is why, I think, so many Lacanians end up speaking that language peculiar only to themselves…which is itself a phenomenon that might be ripe for analysis but I’m not going there). Anyway, it’s a very different mode and tone of thought than I usually work in and juggling it with the other courses I’m teaching leaves little to dedicate to ruminations on theology and tradition.
In addition, I’m presenting a paper at the American Academy of Religion this week, so that’s got me spinning an entirely different set of gears (and tools of procrastination). I just got word that the proceedings of the panel I’m on will be published, which is a good thing overall but adds another layer of pressure and set of requirements that doesn’t really help get it done, ya know?
Anyway, here’s hoping I’ll be back with something next weekend — I’ve got plenty of time in Atlanta with nothing to do and free WiFi…

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